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combine a wide range of products for every hair type.


Here you will find information about the products that have been proving their quality for 25 years and enjoy satisfied customers for two generations.

Denise Classic

Hair and scalp strengthening series. Suitable for weak hair without volume, as well as for dry and treated hair. Constant use restores the softness, shine and strength of the hair. Enriched with placenta-mimicking protein, designed to strengthen the scalp, nourish and visibly improve the appearance of hair. Effective protection against hair loss.

The series contains – Shampoo, Nourishing Mask and Ampoules – Active Concentrate.

Denise NEW

ColorIN restorative series for colored hair.

The series contains Shampoo, Mask and Concentrated Hair Ampoules with Orchid, Pink Jasmine and UV filter.

Locks hair color and maintains it in your chosen shade. The combination of the three active ingredients protects the hair from harmful weather conditions, maintains hydration and facilitates combing. Reflects light for extreme shine. For vibrant hair with long-lasting color.

EnergyIN series for slow-growing, thin and weak hair.

The series contains Shampoo, Mask and Concentrated Ampoules with Royal Jelly, Ginseng and Collagen.

Ensures density and a healthy look from root to tip. For fresh, vibrant hair, full of energy.

StructureIN series for chemically and thermally treated hair.

The series contains Shampoo, Mask and Concentrated Ampoules with Keratin, Ceramides and Panthenol.

The combination of active ingredients deeply restores the structure of exhausted and dry hair. Protects hair from breakage and drying. For completely restored, thick and strong hair with exceptional shine.


Series for combating and active protection against hair loss.

Contains Gentle Shampoo and Concentrated Ampoules, enriched with 4 Active Extracts of Nettle, Birch, Rosemary and Salvia.

Specially developed series for active protection against hair loss. Plant extracts improve the condition of the scalp and visibly affect the appearance of hair. For strong, thick and beautiful hair.

The products can be used both for seasonal hair loss and for its more severe forms.


Restorative ampoules for severely damaged, dry and repeatedly treated hair.

Panthenol / Provitamin B5 / is a well-known active ingredient that improves the condition of the hair by helping to retain water in the hair. Added in a suitable formula, it visibly improves the appearance of the hair and gives it strength and shine. Proven to increase density, elasticity and make hair resistant to external weathering.


A series for quickly greasing the scalp and dry edges.

Contains Gentle Shampoo, Active Hair / Scalp Mask and Concentrated Ampoules. Enriched with Plant Extracts of Nettle, Birch, Mallow, Mint, Rosemary and Salvia.
Active plant extracts help regulate sebum secretion and increase the quality of newly formed sebum. The ingredients nourish the hair, strengthen it and thus fight dry and weak ends.
They improve the structure and elasticity of the hair and protect against hair loss.


Series against hair breakage and formation of double tips.

The active ingredients – Liquid Crystals, Silk Proteins, Flaxseed Oil, Panthenol and Keratin.

The collection includes:

Shampoo and Mask. For dry and exhausted hair.

Two Types of Ampoules / Keratin and Silk / For each hair type.

Two Active Sprays / Keratin and Silk / For each hair type.

The well-known classic Liquid Crystals of BIOPHARMA LABORATORIES, enriched with Flaxseed Oil. For every hair type.

The collection is designed to give shine, elasticity and mobility to the hair, as well as to facilitate combing. The products create a feeling of silky smooth surface, airiness of the hair and dazzling shine. Proven protection against thermal and mechanical damage.

Agran Crystal Oil

Argan Oil and Liquid Crystals series.

The collection includes:

Nourishing Shampoo and Deep Repair Mask. For dry and exhausted hair.

Liquid crystals enriched with Argan Oil. For every hair type.

The collection is designed to nourish the hair, give shine, elasticity and mobility to the hair, as well as facilitate combing. Argan oil is known for its strengthening properties and unique composition.

Urban Style

A collection of hair styling products inspired by professionals.


Protective fluid for straightening and curling hair by heat treatment.

Fluid for shaping and long-term preservation of curls.

Spray for volume and texture of hair.

Pressure-free hairspray – a more environmentally friendly solution for fixing hair.


Special series SULFATE-FREE hair and body products.


Unlike the general stereotypes that accompany every company in the cosmetics industry, not everything we do is limited to the products we offer. They are the result of a great idea that was born a few years ago with our first innovative series. Our pride!

It all started with the people, or more precisely with those we love, appreciate or take for granted every day – our friends. And we are a good friend! And as such, we decided to help others with our knowledge and capabilities in the field of cosmetics.

It turned out that each of our friends has a hair problem – zero volume or the need to wash it every day to look good. Therefore, one by one we started to create suitable products for them with two goals:

The first – maximum effect and the highest level of innovative ingredients.

The second – without long-term or short-term damage to the hair or scalp. Beauty is health.

After a few experiments, we were able to create good formulas and help a few of our friends. Then we helped a few more. Then, in the end, it turned out that we have certain high-quality hair products that can successfully solve over 90% of the hair problems that today’s girls face – without compromise and without side effects.

Thus was born Brave.New.Hair – from the desire to experiment to help others. From our courage to challenge the world and create something good without a hidden corporate goal for profit. Only because we can and because someone we love needed help.

Main thing

Born in 2019, Main Thing is a series developed with the help of several types of specialists: Hairdressers, Cosmetologists and Pharmacists.

It contains a series for hair growth, anti-dandruff, moisturizing and restructuring, shine and combing.

The brand is successfully established in 5 European countries, gaining more and more popularity and loyal fans.