Private label

Biopharma Laboratories Ltd. is a Bulgarian company with 25 years of experience in the field of development, supply and production of cosmetic products for face, hair and body.

We have a large team of qualified experts and professionals with many years of experience, proven in the creation of products through continuous research, precise selection and control of raw materials with established quality on the market, which is a guarantee of reliability and efficiency. Our team of professionals includes a master pharmacist and safety assessor, a technological engineer with over 20 years of experience, a legal advisor, molecular biologists, a marketing department and many others. They help us meet all the requirements of both European legislation and our customers. We constantly strive to improve the offer of individual services according to the views and requirements of each client.

We provide the opportunity to create your own line of products under a private label (Private Label). Our goal is to preserve your unique ideas and help you become one of our successful partners. We are different in that we develop products entirely according to your requirements and follow your philosophy as ours. We guarantee the preservation of your trade secrets and do not develop foreign products based on your ideas. Long-term partnership is our philosophy.

Ownership of property

Regarding the intellectual property related to the formula and technology for the production of one or more products, we offer the following two options:

1. Purchase a formula for the product you want. This way you become the owner of the development and everything related to it. In this case you have the opportunity to produce the selected products with us or with another manufacturer of your choice. We have an obligation to keep the product formula confidential without using it or making it available to other customers. This option is ideal for medium or established brands with experience.

2. Rent a formula. Thus, we remain the owners of the formula, and again we have no right to provide it or to produce the product for our other customers while the production is carried out in our factory. Upon termination, we give the opportunity to purchase or liquidate the idea. This option is perfect for startups with a small budget and production.

Creation process

The company has implemented 12 steps to create your cosmetic product.
The main ones are described as follows:

1. Filling in documents with information from the client related to the idea of ​​a cosmetic product.
2. Filling in documents for final packaging. You have the opportunity to use our available packaging.
3. Development and approval of the formula for an approved sample with code.
4. Start of production.

Additional services:

Our specialized team can offer you methodical assistance when ordering labels, checking their contents, ordering packaging and other accessories.

For your convenience, we also offer the preparation of PIF (Production Dossier + Cosmetic Product Safety Assessment) and CPNP registration (European Cosmetic Notification Portal).
These services are paid additionally according to the established price list.

The company works successfully with over 35 private clients from Bulgaria and abroad.

Become part of our family. Let’s grow together!

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